dans sans

hamlet's question was a koan; there is no not to be!

the truth that can be tweeted is not the twuth

dans sans

ola nada

suis qui

there's no thought about that

either you feel you're being or think you're thought

so much sound and fury!


the crazy wave

i am the roundabout of bliss,

the carousel of kiss,

the tilt-a-whirl of love,

the crazy wave of dove,

& the ferris wheel of endless wonder!


thought, aka judgment, and love, aka acceptance

the difference between critical thought, aka judgment, and love, aka acceptance, is not one of night and day, but cosmic!

one says it isn't what it should be, that existence isn't existing as some other existence that never existed. honest just typing that hurt!

the other (?) says it is what it is. existence is existence. only in such acceptance is being. and the natural transformation of existence.

acceptance is not fatalistic. acceptance sees the moment for what it is and in being transforms it. unhealthy situations are made healthy.

being seize the moment!

when existence is judged to be right or wrong, good or bad, there is no possibility of natural transformation. unhealthy is made unhealthy.

judgment relies on a non-existent self to change existence. how mad is that?!

acceptance has faith in being, aka trust in itSelf, to naturally transform unhealth to health, life to death to life.

judgment divides; being transforms. division is violence; transformation is life. violence is suffering; life is bliss. bliss is being. etc.


moves in joy

love begins with acceptance, moves in joy, towards a blissful (re)union with the energetic emptiness of being. or something like that.

just because you've now discovered your life is just a dream doesn't mean you need to stop the dreaming; just 'do' it, lucidly!

the dream goes on. word!

what if buddha had held up a weed? more smiles? maybe laughs! the munchies even ;-)

intellect built the first airplane but it was wright heart that made it fly

nothing is real ~john lennon

judge and ye shall be judged; judge not and be

i pledge allegiance to 'who am i' and to 'i am' for which it stands


this manifested wonder

the Navajo call

this manifested wonder,

the glittering world.

sitting by the river

and watching

the ten thousand suns in the water.


right action

action arising from thought is just more judgment, more division, more violence, more denial of life itself

right action therefore arises from life itself, from being unmediated by thought, right here right now with no regard to past or future

[thought gives rise to thought; in the beginning just an aspect of Consciousness; in the end it's all the play of Consciousness]

right action arises from the spontaneous natural acceptance of life; this is just another way of saying right action arises from love

[love begins with acceptance, moves in joy, towards a blissful (re)union with the energetic emptiness of being. or something like that.]

whereas least effort doesn't mean no effort, doesn't mean there's nothing we can do, but rather means just enough effort to attend to being, love

right action therefore is a surrender to love, a return to being, a stopping of all movement against the flow, that simple effort to float

right action could be called meditated action, but it's more than just sitting; it's sitting arising


the gospel of being 4: the last judgment

being remembers itself after the last judgment; this is the new heaven on earth: bliss living love. zo-om!

before the last judgment is judgment, self-judgment, suffering, executions; being denies being: hell on earth!

after the last judgment is being being being

i am: the gospel of being!


the gospel of being 3: gotta be being

action is being in manifestation; objects are being in manifested reflection

thoughts are objects and actions stored in memory, which is kind of like saying 'being manifested' and 'being reflected' being in being

the self is being identifying itself with thought which is kind of like saying fundamental being forgetting itself

judgment, the act of duality, is the self attempting to deny certain actions and objects existence, which is like saying being denying being

suffering is the inevitable feeling of that self-evident impossiblity of being not being: being just gotta be being. so begin again and be.


the gospel of being 2: begin at being

begin is already present in being;

literally and figuratively

it's not so much as when you find yourself

in times of trouble, let it be,

as much as it is just be

it's not so much as begin at the beginning

as it is begin at being

because begin is already there


the gospel of being 1: the first oxymoron

in truth, there is no now; there's only being

'i am being' is the first oxymoron

after oxymoron, comes the moron: i am whatever. there is never whatever but belief will believe it nevertheless.

meditation is for we the moronic to breathe in the oxymoronic and reach that nowhere of now and be being

being! only a moron would think there's more.


there is no one

'one' is just a totalitarian thought of perfection, prime for a spot as some religion of unity

there is no one; there is no number; there is no logical conclusion nor pretty philosophy of mystical union: there's only that and that's ok

as soon as someone professes belief in one, run! it isn't long before that develops into the right one, and inevitably you're the wrong one

all division is founded on 'one'

the only positive assertion is 'not this, not this' and the only truth you know is 'i am.'

all the rest are just dream-state casts of pointers and manipulation of energies. seen as just part and parcel of dreaming, who cares?


code colorless

this consciousness, this energy, this body of the universe within me, interpretations, lucid dreaming, intuition, love, and light: la la la!

you're nothing without me

scientific materialism doesn't know nothing!

tide is coming in and breeze just shifted and now coming off the river: i think i'm sitting in a vortex

terns are diving straight into the river

perseid meteor showers climax august 12-13; best viewing just after midnight; watch your head!

spiders are the new cats

what's all this hulabaloo about?

Walter Mitty are us

it's 6 of one or 9 of the other depending how you look at it

code colorless

in sound six billion, in silence not even two


see the waves

look jane.

see the boat.

see the waves.

see the thoughts

thinking each

is a self.

see the dream state

rippling on the river.

see spot jump!


no less

my right arm is

the river

& my left arm is

the sky, no less!

my right foot kicks

the core of earth

as my left foot rests

on emptiness.


a little thing called love

it's just a little thing called love

you can think it to death or you can love your life

sounds like: think it to death or love it to life

ain't no skin off emptiness' nose

no mind is all love or something like that

i'm talking to the wall; never mind

the dream state has no use for dreamers


a waterfall of dreams

when resting in the ocean, one need only exert enough effort to stay afloat: the effort of no effort. the sea will do the rest: non-doing.

see that one is sea

there's always floating. either one understands and rests in that awareness or one doesn't and slowly drowns in the suffering. dream on!

no matter what it is you say you're doing, when you do it, you're dreaming. some know this; some don't. some think they know it but don't.

like a waterfall of leaves blowing in the wind, whisper truth to me, a waterfall of dreams blowing in its being


then or now

confirmed: it's still still

if you're not smiling just a little now, you're thinking then

only Self teaches itself: through intuition, inspiration, and other signs; stop thinking then and read them now!

it all begins or ends, depending on the point of view, with just one choice: then or now. and it's always your turn.



of loves a lot

i am the knight

of white light

and full compassion,

the lancelot

of loves a lot,

the guenivere

of fear no fear,

the arthur of awareness:




i'm just joe nobody sitting in the dock of awareness watching ...

nothing that's happening is happening in the way we think it's happening, so let it happen because it is

what a world of wonder and variety: two zens!

here's a thought

arguing politics or some other such sociological current event is like forgeting to flush the toilet over & over & over again: let it go!


:om at the speed of light

i'm the seventh thought of a seventh thought

summertime and the laundry is easy

and i'll have some zenfandel with that

strawberry fields now

the brand new dreaming 2, fueled by love: zoom!


the rippled waters

breathe in - i am - breathe out - who am i - breathe in - i am - breathe out - who am i - breathe in - i am - breathe out - who am i

i am the wind of awareness, the seagull of being

i am the boat that floats on the river of now

i am the croc that rocks in the cradle of a northern heights of blue imagination

i am the duck of illusion

i am nothing seen below the surface

i am summertime and the fish of intuition jumping

i am the rippled waters of who am i


a sacred blissful empty truth

Ramana's way of 'who am i' is scientific; Nisargadatta's way of 'i am' is tantric. Both lead to the same understanding: that.

being/awareness is home; wherever you go, there i am

Intuition is wisdom, wisdom intuition. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. ~ Keats (paraphrased)

all the words of wisdom are leading to a sacred blissful empty truth where not a word is wise




nothing is wrong. nothing is right. although there are energetic kinks in the system that relax when awareness sees them. Self-massage: ah!

all types of body massage are just various forms of focused awareness, Self-massage. including showers, sex, self-sex, etc.

old neurotic worries fears anxieties etc remain as kinks of energy within the field of being even without the accompanying thought: be aware

meditation is just another form of Self-massage


ordinary nonsequitur

religion is a most wicked form of delusion; delusion on the nature of reality itself: the second fall (watch that last fall; it's a doozy!)

there are many ways to nondual truth; anyone claiming one way is the only way is not on one of the ways

thought thinks too much

there are many ways to nondual truth; anyone claiming no way is needed is lost on one of the ways

note to self: who are you?

[insert ordinary nonsequitur indicating now]

strawberry cheerios!

we all live in a red submarine

is it 2012 yet?

i just want to celebrate another day i'm thinking

you can call me atman, you can call me brahman, you can call me parabrahman, you can call me ray...

it's all in your mind, buddha


this node of consciousness

always this subtle surge of energy collecting in this node of consciousness that's called a body: being

this node of consciousness is so intense, waves reverberating on themselves so to speak, that it knows itself: self-conscious

in knowing itself, this node of consciousness develops a form of self-reflection called thought, in which it temporarily forgets itself

imagine what the sun thinks!


to its wordless source

one of the first things to know is that words are part of the problem and there is no problem.

believing thought to be the truth isn't true but thinking about truth isn't false

in the center of this hurricane of thoughts and emotions, fear and desire, is the eye of being, all moving within the space of awareness

the bliss of 'i am' is lost in the uncertainties of the predicate; drop the predicate & follow the simple sentence to its wordless source.

first there's a wave, and there was a wave before that, and then there's another wave, and now there's a wave, and now there's a wave...

a love supreme a love supreme a love supreme a love supreme a love supreme supreme supreme~john coltrane



whatever words i speak

and whatever life i live,

no truth is spoken

and no essence is lived.

but speak!

knowing silence.


knowing being.


one fire

as if anyone really has a truthful thought about stars or the sun or its embers burning here on earth: one fire!

all manifestation emerges from the fire of awareness; feel its burning bliss: that!


sounds like

all teaching is a charade: sounds like

brainwashing and social conditioning: rinse & repeat rinse & repeat yesterday & tomorrow yesterday & tomorrow fear & desire fear & desire...

the hardest thing at first to see is what i think i am is not the one that's seeing

only when what i think i am stops trying to see what i think i should be will i see i am nothing but being seeing end of story

metaphorically speaking, belief rides the vehicle while faith stops to listen to the song of the tenor

when everything is seen to be a song, the singer sees oneself

song title; no words; first word; shorter version; rhymes with: _/|\_


the talking walks

the talker talks the talk

but the listener is listening

to the walk the talking walks

which is walking in its own

lightning crack of talkback


pure yonder

in the wild pure yonder,

the birds of feathery

thought are soaring

yesterday and tomorrow

but none are believed

to be the clear bright wind.



i am the green grass

god of a rounded robin,

the sun-dazzled devi

of an oriole om,

the virginal vagrant

of a dovetail doe

non-doing, summa!