the meaning of life

thinking about the meaning of life is like getting caught in thought like a fly in a spider's web

it makes much more sense to query the meaning of thought since life and meaning don't mix

what's the meaning of an egg; why is there a chicken; to get to what other side


the mind is the name we give to a mob of thoughts

but there is no mob; tony soprano was right

the capo is a 'me' thought but it too comes and goes and although it can be quite violent it ultimately is powerless

The consciousness is the mind of the Absolute; the power of knowledge, the power of memory, the message of "I Amness." ~Nisargadatta


being is the teacher, understanding is the course, action is the test, love is the math, nothing is the answer

even though one's not a person; one acts like one: do the math

in the new grammar, only verbs are nouns, and love is the only verb

know what you're not and love what you are


I would therefore leave all those things of which I can think and choose for my love that thing of which I cannot think. —Cloud of Unknowing


the body-mind is not within this world; this world is within the body-mind

love is not within the body-mind; the body-mind is within love

love is out of this world and so are you.


the love of awareness is where the rubber of emptiness meets the road of the world

thoughts are like passengers in a train station: they don't originate there and they're always passing through


warning: whatever you do, do not!

this is not a test; lights will flash and sounds will buzz

there will be repercussions; you will be bad forever; payment must be made

whatever you do, do something else; stop doing what you're doing; this is your final warning

never mind; mistakes were made; act as if nothing had been said; have a great day

warning: whatever you did not do, start doing


a computer is a binary illusion within a binary illusion


meanings are like apples; pick one but don't bite it

it might bite you back

imagine god's surprise when he finally sees there is no richard dawkins


there is no such thing as peace of mind. where there's mind, there's no peace; where there's no-mind, there's peace


just with a moment's worth of thoughts the world is made; pretty awesome when you think about it

and nothing when you don't


there are ten thousand ways to describe the truth and none of them are true

there are ten thousand ways to describe what the truth is not and all of them are true

it's really not rocket science; it's just being honest

You are nothing perceivable, or imaginable. Yet, without you there can be neither perception nor imagination. ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

Self's honor


if one needs a meaning of life, then it can only be to discover what you're not


Go deep into the sense of ‘I am’ and you will find. How do you find a thing you have mislaid or forgotten? You keep it in your mind until you recall it. The sense of being, of 'I am' is the first to emerge. Ask yourself whence it comes, or just watch it quietly. When the mind stays in the 'I am' without moving, you enter a state which cannot be verbalised but can be experienced. All you need to do is try and try again. After all the sense ‘I am’ is always with you, only you have attached all kinds of things to it -- body, feelings, thoughts, ideas, possessions etc. All these self-identifications are misleading. Because of them you take yourself to be what you are not. ~Nisargadatta

in this pattern

in this pattern

named a meadow

full of patterns

that this pattern

named an I

names grass, an empty

space emerges


devotion to wonder

love comes from the source through you. love returns to the source through you. therefore, loving the source leaves the middle man out.

another name for 'loving the source' is wonder. emphasis on not-two.

wonder is easy; thinking you know is hard

thinking you know is the real nihilism

unknowing all, including who you think you are, is the real way to all

A child said, What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child?. . . .I do not know what it is. ~Whitman

devotion to wonder is just staying in love

innocence doesn’t know; experience knows; wisdom knows one doesn’t know; the way is unknowing

do not mistake naming for knowing; many names, all unknown

unknowing is not two; unknown wonder is one

untitled by anonymous


move along, still nothing happening here

i like signs

eagles flying upriver like witchy women

just waiting for an urge for going

fish are jumping like jacks, jane

turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream ~JL

consciousness is the sea and this thought of me, pip

dragonfly, grasshopper!


a mass

a mass of colored lights

and flutes of atomizing

splatter! still, a fountain:

nothing but pure water.

an ancient desert

an ancient desert saturated

with ten thousand eyes is walking

through my personal mirage


.-- .... --- / .- -- / ..

before would, enlightenment; after would, enlightenment

.-- .... --- / .- -- / ..

.-.. --- ...- . !

ignorance is the new hope

smug buddhists and overbearing christians: two sides of that particular coin

o but i'm not that kind of smug buddhist; i'm the other secret kind

what he said; which is an exemplary example of what i said; which we both know is what cannot be said; yet both have said it; or have we?

it's the language stupid

belief is an insiduous thought, especially when you think you have none

it's time to stop the faction steeped in time and trust the timeless

buddha and christ are then; buddha and christ is now

nothing is spelled l-o-v-e

something is spelled b-e-l-i-e-f; smoke 'em if you got 'em

beware of affiliation; it's just ignorance supporting ignorance; truth is ultimately alone

all politics are local, whether christian or buddhist. truth is, well, non-local. no sheep. no wolf. love. compassion.

there are many rationalizations we can conjure in a moment's notice; there's only one truth that's unthinkable here and now

how much we want to know the truth is the limit of our knowing truth; inquire within

not everything is black & white; somethings are white & black

the ignorant know the way, the wise weigh the unknown

all words lead somewhere and the truth is nowhere but still we keep on talking; solve for x

what would buddha tweet

the dog was walking the man when the sky barked or was that vice versa

water water everywhere and just a bottle to drink

if it's a secret it's not known

just how much will thinking it's a secret make the secret not anything at all

democracy is an illusion; there's only the tyranny of self or the timeless revolution.

even this!

behind my world

behind my world there's something

vibrantly silent singing

from a place without

the knowledge of a song

i'm glad i'm glad

everything in the world is a reflection of light in a constant impermanent shimmer; and darkness is merely its temporary shadow

just to be in this world is a wonder; look up! a blue sky! blue! space the color of blue. amazing.

it's not that i love this sparkling lake, green trees, and deep blue sky; it's that lake, trees, sky, and me are waves of love.

i'm glad i'm glad i'm glad i'm glad i'm glad



don't believe in nonbelief

no words can take you there except to say in so many words that no you can take words there

sometimes i get a great notion, sometimes it gets me

i hold all six billion of you responsible for me

and don't go thinking i don't know your ancestors had a part in this funny business too


just like a virgin

in to it!

feel real

think the kitchen sink

remind me to forget

no goes!

say good night puck

the wave of awareness

love is the wave of awareness; ride one today

wipeouts happen [fear, anger, sadness, overwhelming desire] — be alert and just catch the next wave; it's right here, right now

boredom, apathy or cynicism is just forgetting there's a wave & thinking it's the doldrums; there's always a wave. Self-remember: surfs up!


Thought Man!

something doesn't happen on purpose but nothing happens by accident

everything in your dream is here to remind you that you're dreaming

every object is your sign

testing. if action appears not to be rising directly from the light of love, it's rising through the cloud of ignorance. understand; retest

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do Thought Man! Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do ...

our default setting is love; just hit that button when caught in a whirlpool of thought and emotion

rational mysticism is a form of spiritual masturbation; nothing will ever be born of it

sooner or later you have to let go

there's nothing wrong with duality; understand it's a package deal: for every pleasant experience, there's outrageous atrocity. your call.

are you there? if so, who are you? in your own words, please.

the saddest words never spoken: who was i?

the antichrist is not coming

the only thing stopping the christian way has been the anti-christian way

the antichrist is not coming; it's been here for more than 1600 years

the triumph of the antichrist was the shotgun marriage of christianity with the roman empire

just an interesting dichotomy of names in early christian mythology: irenaeus versus valentinus; ire vs heart. the Word uses words.

the christian mystics always walked a fine line between truth and consequences

if it looks like an antichrist, swims like an antichrist, and kills like an antichrist, then it's the antichrist

history-wise, can one really understand that moment when christianity became the religion of the roman empire: who ate whom?

the winners not only write the histories, but also the conspiracy theories; the losers were all offed by conspiracies

even in the 20th century christian mystics met strange untimely deaths: see thomas merton and anthony demello for examples. grassy knolls?

all religion is politics

in the case of christianity, you could follow the money, but follow the excommunications or condemnations instead

in the end, is there a living christian way? personally i needed to find ramana and nisargadatta to find that holy impersonal.

but i love jesus and the christian mystics; for the west, they always will be the way; all western bodhisattvas need to run through rome


three qualities of bliss

three qualities of bliss: love, compassion, forgiveness

one thing about duality is it works in triads

the energetic trinities of duality always consist of positive, negative, and neutral, which is really transitional

it is within the neutral, the transitional, in which unity, that is nonduality, occurs

that is, a 'return' to original nonduality

thus bliss consists of love (via positiva), compassion (via negativa), and forgiveness (via [transitional]) which is in essence at-one-ment

Jesus H-Christ

for Ed Gandolfo

O Jesus,
middle eastern rising guru,
single in your nondual teaching,
paragon of parables in koan-like power,
tantric master living life without a second wasted,

loving bastard child of Mary,
loving brother, loving friend, and loving lover,
loving teacher teaching loving,
loving son of loving father loving spirit,
loving all as loving one is manifested in your loving word,

its liveliness of breathing in and breathing out,
accepting all, attached to nothing,
even in that darkest hour of brutal torture,
loving energy of living flesh is whipped and torn,
good-natured energy of head and scalp is pierced with thorns,
adoring energy of legs and arms is pressed beneath the weight of wood,
devoted energy of life itself is nailed and hung upon

your Shiva Shakti Cross where you O Jesus, O Tantrika,
shall receive all chakra suffering within your own mandala,
and within the exhalation of your mantra of forgiveness,
knowingly and willingly and in your tender lotus death release
its kundalini to the world, a single awe-inspiring blood atomic bomb!

with energy reverberating so completely in its scope of overwhelming power
the Roman Empire is consumed within its breathtaking blast,
and worldly hells of hieronymus inquisitions
and worldly heavens of michelangelo cathedrals
become created in its aftermath,

while underneath samsaric surface,
white waters of nirvana teaching,
floating in their mystic whirlpools,
ever one and lasting loving,
knowing only love and wonder,
always here and now unknowing...

~Son Rivers 2010
after Cynthia Bourgeault

trip ahoy!

turn on, tune in, drop out, trip ahoy!

it all has to be real; cnn says it is

in case of maya, break the glass

i desire a chocolate chip chocolate cookie with extra chocolate

the only emperor is the emperor of double chocolate ice cream

tv commercials are the rabid guard dogs of the dream state, foaming at the mouth about desire and insurance: arf growl bite!

the mind is just an energizer bunny; it just keeps on going and going and going #truthinadvertising

there's a fine line between recognizing the relative and getting stuck there; tradition will almost always gravitate to the latter: be aware

there is no middle class middle way

act as if you're dead; be that you're eternal

many ways; no destination

many blah blah blah; no yada yada yada

can you really talk about now when you're confident about tomorrow?

beginner's luck is really original unknowing

delusion plus compassion equals zero

one person's pointer is another person's opinion


rip van awaking

rip van awaking in the catskill of no mind

the more you get to know the card trick, the better you understand the sleight of hand that hides its beautiful truth

everyone is trying to be someone because they misunderstand what it is to be no one

each and every someone holds that certain beauty of a photographic negative; even the darkest quality is just another way of light

loving someone's (& one's own) darker qualities is just seeing through the relative negative into its light; the word for this is compassion

compassion is just love via negativa

compassion receives

only compassion ends an endless chain

love moves; compassion receives. all is pure acceptance.

it's not that all is vanity but all conditioned thought is

the less thought, and the more love, the greater the art. when there's no thought and all love, then art disappears within creation itself.


dreaming you dreaming

you are being dreaming you

sleeping, you are being dreaming you dreaming

lucid dreaming locates the doer of said dreaming: sleeping, you; waking, being

the transitive property of transformation: That dreams me in thought; I am That in seeing; I dream me in love.

Ripples of the Great Blue Heron

Five years ago today, on a day I had taken as a vacation day, which turned out to be the day before I was laid off from a company I had worked 18 years, I saw a Great Blue Heron standing on a rock in the middle of a pond in Maudslay Park.

I watched its great wings rise slowly and magnificently as it flew away. There is quite the transformation when that particular shore bird takes off. Its tremendously long legs seem to disappear and wide wings magically appear instead. I was mesmerized. But what I felt cannot really be written in words. It was a mystical experience, with workaday prophecies and spiritual intuition, that still reverberates to this day.

I went for a walk in that same park today, in honor of that mysterious bird and mystic day, and wrote this poem tweet by tweet as I walked a similar path I took five years ago. I had no idea where the poem would go, but after its few miles, here it is (with just a few punctuation revisions):

The Ripples of the Great Blue Heron

begin again at the bright green light of outside seeing in.

in the meadow of no name, the blue jay breeze of empty words will fly away with future forests and the past of trees.

in the woods of Ra, ten thousand yellow leaves are playing in the shadow webs of ash and flesh of fast graffiti.

in the orchard of old maple trees, the sugar color of the summer turns to paradisiacal sweet nothings.

the acorn road is filled with dead oak leaves and living horse shit.

but the mushroom swamp is dry with nothing but the mud of who am i

two roads diverged in an eastern wood but Robert Frost doesn't live here any longer.

the dark hill rises by itself until it turns into a shining tower.

the silver grove of arms and eyes is always fun and ever free in purple asters and the sitting thought of me.

hark! but something concrete this way comes.

below the bank, the river of a million mills is making something new today.

in the great white pines of absolute eagles, the sun is like a shadow on the ground.

not a sound, not a sound, not a sound.

the material is immaterial: so says the ripples of the Great Blue Heron.

~@sonrivers 2010

dream is seeing

i am rock, i am scissors, i am paper

i am that eye of non-identity within don draper

we come to nirvana by means of sam's club

there's no better wisdom spoken than: shut up!

survive and thrive, above all love

this line is now your dream too

the seeing of the dream as dream is seeing

when the going gets tough, who's going?

out with the old; in with now

freedom's just another word for nothing left of you

write a one word paragraph on truth: no way!

love doesn't move in mysterious ways;

the mystery moves in loving ways


white light

this nuclear now that we call consciousness!

one nanosecond in its spaciousness is timeless!

nothing is impermanent except the thought of something permanent

getting unstuck from the consensual story is not a minor sticking point

while everyone around you is busy keeping their heads, just let yours go

just let that thought of you go and what remains is everything

love is the only movement in our world; thought may hinder it, divide it, chop it up in pieces and vomit it upon the floor: pay it no mind

in other words, no matter what thought does with love, absolutely no matter what, it's still love; thought does nothing

in the most heinous act in this world, there is love

red light is white light filtered red

be earnest in seeing your (you're) white light; That is all.

stay in ha!

when the moon is in the mortgaged house

and jupiter aligns with bah!

then police will rule the planets

but love will stay in ha!

this is the dawning of the age of the cosmic laugh!


none cried out

in the beginning there was none,

& none cried out, "let there be one!,"

which in a blink of an eye evolved into who,

and then there were two

and who that was two cried out,

"why do i die," each day after day,

until two sighs, "who am i," & dying to who,

none knew it's not two.

and so on

seeing, accepting, transforming, seeing, accepting, transforming, seeing, accepting, transforming, seeing and so on and so on and so on and

brahma, vishnu, shiva, brahma, vishnu, shiva, brahma, vishnu, shiva, brahma and so on, and so on, and so on, and

father, son, holy spirit, father, son, holy spirit, father, son, holy spirit, and so on, and so on, and so on, and

birth, life, death, birth, life, death, birth, life, death, birth, and so on, and so on, and so on, and

being, love, awareness, being, love, awareness, being, love, awareness, being, and so on, and so on, and so on, and

one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one and so on, and so on, and so on, and not one.



i'd like to to thank the cast and crew of all these thoughts for creating such an unbelievable story #emmys

first and foremost i'd like to thank my social conditioning without which i wouldn't even be here #emmys

oh, and let me not forget the indefatigable maya who helped put this entire project together; stand up maya wherever you are! #emmys

and last there's real love; clear-sighted seeing, non-judgmentally accepting, and completely non-volitionally transformative: namaste #emmys

resembling an NDE

had something resembling an NDE last night; what follows are my notes immediately following; fwiw

appears to have just experienced NDE when breathing stopped while sleeping due to mucus build-up in throat

immediate response felt like fish flapping back into element and breathing: a flopping onto face down and arms spread forward (was on side)

immediately before that there was an electric shocklike closing down maybe accompanied by a flash of blue light

it was definitely an impersonal event until a second or two after recovery when a sudden comprehension came of what had just occurred

the comprehension was accompanied by a moment of animal fear and then a more calm understanding with some bodily reaction of breathing

back to the NDE electric shock: emphasizing the shut down response; quick electric switching off with feeling, probably breath-related

electric feeling of closing down, falling down, not falling down but a leaving? there was a consciousness that saw something

definitely a flash of light but nothing eye bright, more electric blue

not a consciousness of death though; an impersonal electrical transformation occuring but immediately accompanied by bodily response

bodily response was coming up for air, empasize the coming up. and then flopping down on the bed

surprised at conscious experience of electric whoosh (for lack of a better word) but 'death' approaching was not deathlike but experiential

like an experience of the power closing off on this outlet. not returning to a source because power still there. just a switching.

also surprised at 'my' somewhat calm after response :-) no real shaking psychological fear following the quick animal fear response

but a quick and growing comprehension of what had just been experienced with an appreciation of still being alive, but again not emotional

ha! it doesn't take long for the mind to create stories. thinking who would have discovered my body? what would my body look like? position?

that's it. 18 hours later, all i would add is the awareness the body immediately had in its all-out attempt to survive; it was traumatic!

also, what was experienced was a nanosecond in length; even the description 'electric whoosh' is ten thousand times longer than experience

as for feeling after near death, no real carpe diem stuff, but definitely a fuck the bullshit, but that was already there. now confirmed.

fuck bullshit!

let's add a love to that though.

fuck bullshit; love truth


who farted?

everyone identifies with their body until it farts; oh, that's not me!

the great guru of self-inquiry asks: who farted?

each and every fart is just a way toward realization

the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar concern dedicated to masking every bodily odor leading to self-inquiry but the fart alludes them

why does the self find the fart so distasteful that even speaking its name is considered taboo? follow that line of inquiry to its end.

swallow yourself

there's something about a gibbous moon; i'm looking at it but it's not looking at me, but looking at the sun which is nowhere to be seen

be delicious, so when you finally swallow yourself, it's good

when i think about it, it drives me crazy, so i stop thinking about it, and awesome moon tonight!


one is silence

one doesn't become silent; one is silence

silence is manifesting this moment

only the self thinks of things other than silence; a thought thinking a thought is the thought of noise

the waves become vicious topped with the white caps of fear and loathing

anger and sadness and hate and lies and cheating and jealousy and murder and let loose the dogs of war war war war!

and wisdom stilled the waters in the love that's being...


and silence/being moves in the trinity of love (seeing, acceptance, transformation)

mesire youjane

you can stop standing in that corner now

stories just love stories

if you just stop hiding, there's nothing to seek

root earth of being; leaf sky of awareness

pick a card, any card; vote for delusion!

help keep the future alive; indulge a desire today!

desire is the root of all affirmation

mesire youjane

no one's in the alley with sally

if the world is giving you lemons, pucker up!

note to my addictions: not indulging desire has nothing to do with morality but everything to do with delusion. ok, go drink and be merry.


machines in the ghost

not only are the characters in my dreams as real as myself in my dreams, they're as real as who i think i am in waking life

it's not that there are ghosts in the machine; there are machines in the ghost

look, laugh, long gone

once you begin to really understand the world, there's no reason to understand the world

once you find the gate, there is no gate

as soon as charlie brown kicks the football, there is no football

the truth is not affirmative

stop telling yourself what to be and let it be

it's not that all knowledge and its opinions and beliefs are meaningless; just superfluous

there's one revolutionary thought that sees through thought; this is the ah-ha thought

ah-ha is a sense of wonder &; laughter; it's like all the time trying to get through that gate and seeing ah! no gate! cue cosmic laughter.

transcendental hygiene

i am i am before i am thinks i am

a sparkling clear river runs through us, *is* us, but we look to gritty desires and dry beliefs to quench our ignorant fearful thirst

praise be!

I got plenty of nothing. And nothing's plenty for me. ~Gershwin

lights! cameras! breakfast!

a republic is an efficient means of distributing power to manage power; it always trumps democracy be it early christianity or modern usa

either you're in the republic or not, and everyone's in the republic

the dream state (http://)

respire, inquire, transpire

practice transcendental hygiene! brush away the bits of all belief and be...

not a thing

exactly who are you telling what to do?


the psychological sky

i am the psychological sky that wakes beneath the night of stars

i am the returning clouds of colorful memories

i am the deep blue well of seemingly limitless emotion

i am the body of the ground, an itch of leaves, a tingle of the grass

i am the river running through it all, peak consciousness of mountains to an infinite awareness in the sea

the dream state


it all gets very weird when you think about it

consensual reality is the emperor of consensual reality

the dream state escapes each night into dreams

every morning dreams are locked away again into the dream state

the life of a dream isn't very dreamy

words are the wardens of the dream state prison

since words construct the dream state, words can deconstruct the dream state

it's pouring dog words and cat words out there


of immediate experience

only the past claims ownership of immediate experience

the past wants more of the past

immediate experience is unfettered, unknown, and alive

immediate experience is being in pure awareness: it is not listening to the voice of god; it is the voice of god

the wind blows, branches move, leaves fall

i am the wind; i am the branch; i am the leaf

i am the space in which i am the wind and branch and leaf

any analysis of that experience is the past comparing it to itself, a knot of thought tieing and tiring itself in constant judgment

even to say 'accept!' 'love' is the past addressing itself, creating a way back to immediate experience

there is no one to accept or love immediate experience

immediate experience is all verbs in consciousness being

that's enough of the past tweeting about immediate experience...


beautiful transcendent rain

jesus h christ stop your dharma marketing and shut up! bamboo stick! bamboo stick! bamboo stick! bamboo stick! bamboo stick! bamboo stick!

we now return to our regular programming: me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me!

what would basho do

fleas, lice, / a horse pissing / by my bed ~Basho

tickle tickle tickle

this is ok; that is ok. carry on.

duck, duck, that

marco! that o!

excuse my french (well, 3/4 of moi), but it's so fucking beautiful!

while accustomizing to the fact that one is really not a person, it helps not to take anything personal

while accustomizing to the fact that one is what one is, it's always best to act as what one is

and one is, always is, only is: That; the rest is just a fascinating story. pray tell.

beautiful transcendent rain singing in the beautiful transcendent rain


your inner mystic

water your inner mystic with tears of bliss

stop personifying

stop objectifying

start verbifying

stop mystifying thought

stop thinking like a mystic

start mystifying

stop starting

start stopping



great god chile pepper

i am the great god chile pepper

hotter than the thought of hell--

because i'm real,

not mentioning the bliss i am as well


new american tao

to literally have no future scares the bejesus out of the me that doesn't exist

no job, no money, no future; the new american tao

you are what you think you eat

Oh, life is bigger / It's bigger than you / And you are not me ~R.E.M.

much so-called spirituality is just a bunch of pretty thoughts

i'd expound upon that insight but i need to renovate the downstairs bathroom first

look, i'm all with this right here right now stuff, but first you really need to secure your future


mind is starting to leak

all paths disappear at the peak

above tree line, only follow the cairns placed there by those who came before

oil change! if i were keith richards, it could be a blood change. who change?

i forgot to turn off my thoughts this morning; my mind is starting to leak downstairs


i may not be somebody, but i'm not just anybody

there is nothing more real than dreaming and life itself is just as unreal as a dream

lovey dovey spiritual pie kissed the void and made it cry

the alarm clock rang and the boy woke up. so there was nothing for him to do but set another alarm clock.

the peace of pomegranates gratifies the peanut butter

be like the bees because i said so or just buzz off

there is no better best than no good at all

stop the world; i want to get on!

the less said, the less said, unless you’re saying ‘say less'

a word is just another way of saying nothing

say yes to the new and improved no

i'd really like to be right here right now but i really have to do something tomorrow first

i'll see you then

i wish i could be that person i wasn't yesterday


nonjudgmental pure acceptance

in this world, love is often mixed with thought resulting in the molotov cocktails of various dependencies, jealousies, and silly games

when love gets mixed up with thoughts of spirituality, the results are truly intoxicating

love is the nonjudgmental pure acceptance of what is: all of it which really means none of it but the 'one' of it

the elements of love are naturally consciousness, being, bliss; it's so easy to get lost in the bliss


dreaming whatever

i am the man of la mancha

in my play of lila

on the stage of awareness

directed by maya,

that's me!

i am being dreaming whatever.

today i am the terns of august.

i am that which dreams this.

i am nothing

divided by one

equaling two

to the power of ten thousand.



dreamsigns are peculiarities within a dream that signal one is dreaming; are there dreamsigns in the dreamstate indicating being dreaming?

are synchronicities, coincidences, singularities, and the such dreamsigns?

can such dreamsigns be seen at any time in awareness? everything is a singularity.

therefore being is signaling intentions at all times.

to know you don't know! to know that knowledge is empty of knowing!

science measures every aspect of the cup but never drinks the pure clear water

science dies of thirst for something it can never know

in awareness is being within which is awareness


god of heartfire

i am the god of heartfire,

goddess of ten thousand

blazing veins of love,

yogi of that holy

yang of arteries,

and blessed saint of blood


the yoga of quality control

lucid dreaming is rooted in being and breathes within awareness

if that dreams me and i am that, i dream me

one misses the message of Nisargadatta if one doesn't see the Self-visualization now incarnate Self

the deity is Brahman (That); the way is being (I am); the yoga is Self-visualization (I am That)

there is no semi-That

inspect it, accept it, and ship it: the yoga of quality control

less talk is the yoga of yada yada yada


the holy who

i am the silence

before the light of dawn;

i am the yawning

of the rising sun;

i am the one

that walks the morning dew;

i am the holy who.


do nothing earnestly

ah, america, yes, even the first amendment appears to be impermanent

Self will outwit self

there's nothing you can do except do nothing earnestly

if some biotech company had invented the body-mind, their ceo would be treated like god on cnbc, and their stock would be sky-high

same that time, same that channel

what more can be said but less?

being is aware of awareness being

th-th-that's all folks



i am the sound of space,

the vision of ten thousand

gravitational singularities,

the touch of carbon,

taste of gender,

smell of manifesting