the swell sutra

the white noise of breakers emerging from the silver silent fog.

but there is never an end for there is ever no beginning.

so waves keep rolling in yet there never is a wave.

ah, never trust appearances.

the crashing surf and rockbound shore are variations on the fantasy of time.

we are always traveling at 700 million miles per hour!

(beyond the basho / silver light expectorates / the syllables of)

mind can only mind that which is the mind.

sometimes you eat the bear. sometimes the bear eats you. sometimes you understand you've always been the bear.

you're so vain, you probably think you're you.

i think not; i am all.


the impersonal sutra

one suffers as a person only because one thinks one is a person.

and all this spiritual personalization!

disidentify disidentify disidentify: the three real laws of real estate.

the first step is to decondition oneself; in other words, deconstruct the person one's been taught one is; & don't underestimate this step!

don't be afraid or guilt-ridden to be impersonal; this is one's greatest obstacle: so remember physician heal thyself.

don't delay & leave it to an unforeseen account of merit; that's what the big bank of priests wants 'you' to do; w/o 'you', they got nothing.

this is the only revolution: overthrow yourself.

everything you think you know is false and that is just the beginning!

and an atheist is a person who has done the math backwards.

ever since i became god, i've been an apersonist.

thus it's really not difficult being god: i don't know anything and i don't do anything. i just happen!

man! i love it when i happen!

my love of happening may be called intelligence, but really, it's nothing.

this happening, love, & intelligence is sometimes referred to as being, bliss, & consciousness, but in a different order. i'm ok with that.

and god said look at myself and then there was mind.

i love mind; it's so cute when it thinks it's intelligent.


the consciousness sutra

the picture window is now filled with green. i must admit the eyes enjoy that color. no wonder they created it!

a rose-breasted grosbeak at the birdfeeder. a patch of red in a field of white and black. stunning spring visitor.

a blue coyote howls above the head of red ganesh; buddha sits within a hollow in a spire of driftwood; shiva dances on a golden puzzle box.

out of the black hole of deep sleep awakes ten thousand multi-colored stars of beautiful illusion burning so piercingly as if they're quite real.

green consciousness on brown consciousness in blue consciousness through clear consciousness for gray consciousness.

consciousness describes but cannot be described.

yes, we all live in a consciousness submarine.

to see it is to feel it; to feel it is to be it.

in the sea of samadhi!


the 'sunflower sutra' sutra

you weren't here. now you're here. then you aren't here. but you're always there.

words get in the Way.

you think you’re a thought which you call you, but in reality you’re not.

words are necessary evils without, but absolutely malevolent within.

when words of being become belief, the recondite moon becomes a righteous face completely full of itself.

even ten thousand words can never touch no word.

thus the buddha silently holds up a flower; the flower holds a bee.

"You were never no locomotive, Sunflower, you were a sunflower!"

after all, even the ‘sunflower sutra’ doesn't have the energetic dynamism of a sunflower.

sunflower! you are more powerful than a locomotive! you are able to leap this world in a single bound!

you don’t do love; love does you.

locomotive breath! your words are only so much smoke!

when thinking you’re a thought, love does you filtered and divided accordingly; when silent, love does you as love delightfully.

poet! don't be like god; just be. you already are that god; no more words are needed.


the natural light sutra

in the name of awareness and being and love, om shanti shanti shanti.

a cardinal, a robin, and a blue jay walk into this watering hole.

“Life force, love and consciousness are all one in essence.”

i used to read Nisargadatta Maharaj for knowledge; now i read for love.

conceive this.

i am; therefore i know i am; thus i love i am.

it's the samadhi old story.

to be the change, be the light.

the fluttering of leaves reflects the fluttering heart.

the light as sunlight is seeing and the light as lifelight is being.

how's it guna be?

vasana in the highest?

love doesn't just make the world go 'round; love literally makes the world.

because you are.

the mind may think it dies and there is no god, but love knows differently; it is god.

i got blisters on my heart!

“The innermost light, shining peacefully and timelessly in the heart, is the real Guru. All others merely show the way.”

apres Nisargadatta, la page blanc.

celebrate your unbirthday now.


the talking big bang evolutionary ah ha sutra

the tears of silence rise.

and then there was green.

before the appearance of silence is

that which doesn't even have a word.

so the big bang is the mind's name for silence.

yet it's not that none of this is happening;

it's just we only think all of this is happening.

for evolution is the mind's name for now.

only after eating the fruit of mind did adam&eve grow bodies.

and feeling good is the codependent of feeling bad.

such is the delusional nature of woeman!

then einstein agrees: light knows no time.

love is neither good nor bad; it just is—

the corollary is: you aren't.

and in the light of day, it is seen there is not even the light of day.


the shore sutra

flowing is flowing along a flowing.

to the mind it's a great tectonic & evolutionary

struggle resulting in river & shoreline but

for consciousness there's nothing to it.

a rose by any other name is still not a rose.

docks are the mind of the river, holding

an inevitable flotilla against the flowing.

you can never think your way to love.

a fluttering of orange threading through a shivering of green

through which a flowing of invisibility is breathing.

a butterfly is witchgrass which is zephyr.

when you as consciousness know yourself,

in no time at all even an earthworm, even earth

itself, knows itself as that perfect pure awareness.


Nisargadatta’s Ultimate Sutra

His Complete Teaching in 442 Words:
You see, this "I-am-ness" is normally this five-elemental interaction and play. Out of the earth, with the help of water, sprouting of vegetation takes place. Out of vegetation, the essences are drawn and out of the essences, which are the food for all beings, come the grains for human beings. Now from the quintessence of this food, the "I-am-ness" is sustained. The food is stored in the form of a body. The food is continuously consumed by the vital breath. And in the process of consuming this food, the vital breath sustains that flame of "I-am-ness." To have "I-am-ness," the food body and vital breath are very necessary; in short, one may say it is a product of food body essence and vital breath. Then only this "I-am-ness" or consciousness is available.

Now the consciousness, when it gets involved with the body-mind, is the individual. It is conditioned by body and mind. Mind is concepts. Whatever it receives through the five senses, and is stored, that is the mind. And whatever the words that flow out, that is also mind. So when that consciousness is conditioned by the body and the mind, it is individualistic, a personality. And I always tell people, you depersonify yourself by not identifying with the body-mind. When you do that, you are that manifest principle; you are no more a personality, you are only consciousness.

When you are in that consciousness state, you are in a position to observe the mind flow, any thoughts occurring to you-you are apart from thought. You don't identify with that thought. Since you observe the body and its actions, you are not one with those; you are apart from that body. Thus, you are now in consciousness; that is the first stage. So when you are only consciousness, you are all manifest; this is to be realized. Then, provided you are, everything is, your world is, and your god is. You are the primary cause, the prerequisite for anything else to exist, whether it be your god or your world. You abide only in consciousness. In your attention, only consciousness should be there. That is the meditation.

Now the next step is-the question raised in the morning-are you in a position to observe consciousness? This is also the final step. When you are in a position to observe or witness consciousness-and, of course, the vital breath, body and its actions-then by virtue of that very observation, you are apart from the consciousness.

So when you are in a position to observe consciousness, you are out of consciousness. Then you are what we call "the awareness state," the vijnana or jnana state.

(from ‘The Ultimate Medicine’)


the mindless sutra

words write themselves.

i am not just one spontaneous iambic line but i am headless, yes, i am.

the mind doesn't know.

no? yes!

when you know you can never know, then you will know.

the same intelligence that creates the universe

and operates the amazing mechanics of bodies

is the teacher—when the student becomes silent.

unthink it through.

no mind doesn't mean no mind; it means no meaning.

i am the god of i am and i bring you love.

you think you're the leaves but one is really the root.

no thought is original; only love is.

unimagine yourself.

the mind IS the space-time continuum.

things happen if you let them and things happen if you don't let them.

consciousness dreams for real.


the locus sutra

the conditioned appearance of the universe is thinking; you are not.

the torrent of words keeps on rolling; the river bank just keeps watching.

since nothing ever really happens, give all attention to what’s happening.

everything in the world matters precisely because nothing in the world matters.

superman appears to change into clark kent but is really always superman.

green kryptonite is only a self-limiting thought.

only the mind could think there's something more or less.

the less time you create, the more space you fill.

the universe is my body, but i am not the universe.

in conclusion, there is no beginning.

when everything is known to be a conditioned appearance

in the consciousness that i am,

all is seen to be pure expression of that bliss i am.

atman is brahman is parabrahman; wo/man is eagle is sky!


bop & bam sutra

rock&roll is

shiver&shake is

shiva&shakti is

atman is

brahman is

gone—gone beyond—gone beyond beyond is



everything that's been said

and still it's not been said.


the osama sutra

in the name of no reason, no purpose, no merit, action!

we are one network, indivisible, with ten thousand times six billion causes appearing each second, it's more accurate to say there's none.

“do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

“no damned cat, no damned cradle.”

osama gets killed, some people cheer, others fret, the dalai lama says whatever.

love is filtered through many emotional lenses, but compassion looks only at the original light; the rest is just a laser show.

in the name of no subject, no object, no nothing, light!


the trinitarian sanctus veda sutra

in the name of the absolute,


and the satguru;

wholly holy holey,


atman is brahman

is parabrahman,




the light sutra (non-illustrated version)

And then there was the blissful energetic intelligence called light,

and light, to know itself, descended into particles and waves, creating atoms that locked themselves into molecules of darkness,

waiting for the upward call of life to form organic cells of freedom,

organizing into plants, then animals, and ultimately

the human nervous system, self-aware,

upon the brink of seeing,

(after what the mind interprets as a 14 billion year journey through an infinity of space)

loving, and finally knowing itself as light.

But first, it wonders how it can get something really important.