the greatest foe & the greatest friend

Nisargadatta Maharaj: You understand yourself as body-mind; therefore my problem is - how to make you understand. Lord Krishna said, "All are my expressions." The mountain is of gold and a particle of that mountain is also gold. I am that mountain and every particle is myself. The entire beingness manifest is myself, and each being is a sample of myself. The knowledge "I Am" in each species is myself. The very life force - luminous, bright, radiant, indwelling principle is myself.

If anybody understands me totally and fully and most appropriately, that one gets the shelter in the shade of my benign being.

The state of a jnani, the highest state, has transcended the beingness, but the beingness is still there, so together with the beingness is the Absolute - the deep blue, benign state, without eyes.

Knowledge takes rest in that deep blue, quiet, peaceful, benign shade. When that shade is shifted aside, then he sees the various manifestations in the form of universes and worlds. But when the shade is there, it is the deep, dark blue state, fully relaxed.

Questioner: Is Maharaj going to stop talking?

M. The talks will emanate provided someone worthy is there to put questions. I am nearing the end of my time. If any questions sprout, ask them.

Q: I want to stay here with Maharaj as long as possible.

M. Although you might go home, whatever has been planted, whatever you have received, is going to change you. You are completely possessed.

Q. I feel that. I am grateful that at the tag-end of my life I was brought here.

M. Your coming here was also spontaneous. It is very rare that someone has the good fortune to come here; having come here, if the planting is done, the sprouting will definitely take place. It may take time, but it will definitely take place.

Just as the beingness has appeared spontaneously, you don't know beforehand, now I am going to be - it has come about - so also the talks are coming spontaneously.

This touch of "I Amness" is in each being; this beingness has that touch of love for the Absolute and it is a representation of the Absolute. When you got yourself separated from the Absolute with this identity "I Am," you felt fragmented, isolated, and that is why your demands started. In the Absolute there are no needs. Only the Absolute prevails.

The truth is total Brahman only, nothing else but Brahman. In a total Brahman state the touch of beingness, "I Am," and with that, separation started, otherness has come. But this "I Amness" is not just a small principle, that itself is the mula-maya, the primary illusion. What I am expounding is not meant for the common people, because they have not reached the stature to understand what I am saying. Therefore I tell them to do bhajans, japa, meditation. After doing that, when the purifying takes place, they will be worthy enough to receive my talks.

Q. From the Unmanifest, the manifest is happening?

M: Who is asking this and why?

Q. I want to know.

M. Nothing prevails but you, everything is you. What answer can I give you?

If you want to remember this visit, if you have love for me, remember this "I Am" principle and without the command or direction of this principle, do nothing.

In the world today there are so many people and they are so busy with their affairs that they don't have time to eat - they stand and eat. These are characteristics of the maya. The great maya principle is making you do all her tricks, and you are also abiding in what she says, and finally, that light of yours, that beingness, gets extinguished. Then where are you going?

Q. I am going to search for another body!

M: This is all a concept. Before appearing in the world, do you remember your previous history, do you remember anything?

Q. No, but I have read ...

M. I don't want to hear what others write, I want to know from the horse's mouth, from you. If you are not, can others be there? Is this not good enough for you?

Q: But I cannot think of a state when I had not been.

M. That was the non-attention Parabrahman state. That attention "I Am" was not there.

Q. Do we come from the Parabrahman state and go back after beingness goes?

M: Coming down into this world from the Absolute is something like the appearance of a dream. In a dream are you going somewhere? The primary ignorance is the understanding that you are the body. To know that you are the manifest is knowledge, and the knowledge merges into no-knowledge, Parabrahman.

Q- But I understand from the Gita ...

M: Throw it away! Whatever you understand is not the truth and it is to be thrown overboard. You are trying to catch hold of something and cling to it. Accept, as it is, what I am telling you. Don't be carried away by concepts. Don't employ any words, and look at yourself as you are. Few people understand what I am driving at.

You are not paying proper attention, you are talking only after this beingness appeared. Before the beingness was there, look at that, be in that state. If you dare call me an atheist, remember that I do bhajans four times a day.

That maya is so powerful that it gets you completely wrapped up in it. Maya means "I Am," "I love to be." It has no identity except love. That knowledge of "I Am" is the greatest foe and the greatest friend. Although it might be your greatest enemy, if you propitiate it properly, it will turn around and lead you to the highest state.

~from ‘Prior to Consciousness’ May 4, 1980

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