points of view

around the miles of shoreline of that

one great pond,

ten thousand different points of view

appearing always here


feeling that bliss

Being is forgotten on first thought.

Thought upon thought creates the human being which is another way of saying forgotten being.

There are moments when being is felt in the human being; this is called unconditional love.

Unconditional love is another name for bliss.

Meditation is a way beyond thought.

Being is beyond thought.

Meditation is being.

Being is bliss.

Meditation is bliss.

Feeling that bliss of being is meditation.


things said

most things said are things said

about something that can't be said,

and love is the thing most said


you will

you will do everything in your power to create a power in which you can do everything

you will think you are your next thought before you even think it

you will do whatever you can do even though you know you do nothing

you will create a world of buddhas, gods, and jesus christ a world of buddhas, gods, and jesus christ

you will think it’s love

you will name it something, ten thousand somethings

you will tell your story and think it’s not a story

you will believe that what you believe is truth and you will believe that what the other believes is untruth

you will forget what you believe and create something new to believe

you will be you until you aren’t

but you will always be


the fourth thing

the first thing to see is there are no things

therefore, the second thing to see is there is no first thing to see

but the third thing to see is you will think there is a first thing to see

so the fourth thing to see is the fourth thing


a single word

first, there isn’t a single word that can describe being

second, the first word used to describe being is the first way to not being



clear non-ownership i am

how can there be ownership when there isn't an owner to own?

ownership is just a temporary insanity concerning the temporary

the contemporary is the temporary that's happening now

how can you own now?

where are you now?

you are the past that never existed

how can the past own now?

now is just the open heart of clear non-ownership i am

i am the unmortgaged potential of the vast and beautiful heartland of the great unknown

i am the house of all windows, the car of infinite wheels, the hdtv with no definition

i am that and that is this pure lightning bolt of infinite electric consciousness playing air guitar with super string and singing galaxies



that's all

right here right now

i am that

infinitely wise and heartfelt

being alone

resting in awareness


living me one-pointedly

in this holy emptiness

of suchness






I love people! We're so unbelievable.

when in doubt of what to say, express love; it works every time. plus it's true. win win.

all agendas suck whether it be marketing some bullshit book or networking for some bullshit job or proselytizing your bullshit truth

i like saying bullshit tonight

last night was nothingpalooza; tonight it's bullshitpalooza: every night is some kind of palooza. but it's always nowpalooza!

so many coaches, so few players

Is the LeBron ego-fest a teaching moment? How much ego is too much ego? That's a slippery slope to awakening!

once you start questioning the amount of ego, it's only logical to inquire what is ego: self-inquiry is the slippery slope

Q. How many spiritual coaches does it take to change a light bulb? A. None; there are no light bulbs; only light. Do it yourSelf.

excuse me while i french-kiss the sky

‘you’ are simply so much bullshit; come on now, you know this shit already

see, you can bullshit all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can't bullshit your Self

i'm talking real shit

just realizing the message of the christ: everything in this world is bullshit but for unconditional love


no bounds

self-delusion almost knows no bounds

it's just like Sri W said: either you're with the Self or against it, pardner

i love western enlightenment: the self gets to enjoy itself while giving up whatever to the Self.

i got mine; the rest is ours!

love is fire; me and my workaday world is consumed by its truth

i'm tired of belief these days; it's really braggadacio to tell me how wonderful your point of view is from your western patio of self: bs

windows open! breathe...

once you feel that river of being, there's no stopping you now!

look out dream state, here comes the river of being to tear your kingdom down!

nothing, absolutly nothing, no seriously nothing, you can't even think of a nothing as nothing as this nothing, what was i saying?

stop fooling yourself; you are nothing; how glorious is that!

no, it's not new agey good and it's not some shiva magnificent. it's nothing, thank you very much.

or it's some good chopping guitar and carrying organ

oh yeah! can you hear it? that silence that says everything we just said is pure bullshit! certainly you can smell it.

no matter how gloriously you present the truth, the truth is too gloriously unpresentable

oh sing all the godly unities you wish to sing, but if you act within dualities, well, you know: whatever

hey! am i still here?

well, it appears i am, so to speak

but, seriously, if you really think about it, you can obviously see that you and i are just obviously thinking about you and i

oh right, you really dont't exist, praise shiva, but whose paycheck are you're signing? oh, sorry. direct deposit! please continue.

there's lots of water if you want to get your feet wet


the surrender of living dangerously

Life can only be lived dangerously. ~Osho

meanwhile, the greatest security and insurance and wages and possessions rest in sleep

human beings have created such an illusion of living from our monomaniacal concern with egoic survival that life itself has been forgotten

survival has become such a process of securing the dream-state character that the natural element of life living itself has been lost

The self does not know how to live. The self only knows how to protect the self. So the self doesn't believe life can live itself.

To see that the self does not exist is to see that life will live itself within this flower of its intent within the season of its loving.

Such is the surrender of living dangerously. What does life want to do with 'me?' If to act or to die, so be it. Whichever, life will be.


more words

sea! and in the beginning was a wave and the wave was the word

i am you but my words are not your words

all words lead away even as they point

ecstacies and sorrows: just more words

laughter and crying: beautiful words

no word, best word; second best word is the word that points to no word


action is the point

to say there's no self, but to be entangled in the world of self-protection, is to act as if there is a self, which is saying there's a self

words are ultimately meaningless and at best can point to truth; action ultimately reveals whether that truth is understood

in other words, words may be pointers but action is the point

there is an old taoist saying that has been perverted by capitalist misunderstanding that simply goes like this: bullshit talks; truth walks

meanwhile i have to go get some laundry detergent


acreed 04: reflecting in a loving

resting in awareness

is not doing by

reflecting in a loving

luminescent mirror

of the nonjudgmental

witness watching every

action being done


acreed 03: equals emptiness

being alone

is energetic

and orgasmic



equals emptiness

is forming this


which of itself's

enough alone



the intermediary of survival and sacrifice

the human attempt to replicate the natural intelligence of manifestation thru the thought process of planning is kind of laughable--but cute

of course John said it better: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." ~John Lennon


here's a Hamlet kind of question: if one's actions are not life-affirming, why then act at all?

Is survival at all costs life-affirming?

then what is sacrifice?

sacrifice may be more a pointer than a concept; look around you: life is always giving way to life

but there's also no personal survival but in thought, and that's THE overwhelming concept in human existence

if survival is as much a concept as is sacrifice, then easy does it

in an effort to survive, Joshu worked at a nearby gun manufacturer. his murderer-to-be bought the gun Joshu helped to manufacture. wtf?

love is the intermediary of survival and sacrifice; only love can determine our true direction

thought can never duplicate the intelligence of manifestation; only love can make my world


the effort of no effort

true practice is no practice; the effort of no effort; wei wu wei

while you think you are a human being, meditation is only practice; when you see through the pretenses of a human, meditation is being

while you think you are a flute player, you practice playing the flute; when you know you are the flute, you play


drop what you aren't

all the effort invested into the creation of a self is quite amazing and exhausting; just drop the effort and there you really are: peace

this is one of the paradoxes surrounding spiritual practice: expending effort to become something that you already are

meanwhile all this effort is being expended in creating something that you aren't

but you can't become something that you already are; just drop what you aren't

then there is no effort to 'be' a self; there is no practice to become a being; there is only being: be


acreed 02: ably om-

i am that

is self-existent


that there is

no self but that

of thought, no


but That, the nameless

and unthink-

ably om-



acreed 01: uum but in-

right here & now

is neither

place nor time

but rather not

a point

upon some once



uum but in-

finitely pointless


so all-embracing


bliss and nothing

the unthinkably


and electric

loving land

of virginal

awareness is

that buzz of being

bliss and nothing

more than this

the play

seeing through

the seen to seeing

sets the manifested scene;

actors acting

actions acting them

enacts this universal fact:

just the play of That.



from what appears

to be nothing

but is

an unthinkable everything,

a finger bends

so slightly and

the universe moves ten thousand light years


the backrub

here’s the rub:

this life isn’t real;

why act as if it is?

here’s the backrub:

this life is real;

and it will act you

as if you are.


in awareness

in awareness arises

space & time;

in awareness arises

bell & chime;

in awareness arises

reason & rhyme;

in awareness

i am—

always sublime








two and 'do' : one and done

it's not about thinking substantially better thoughts but seeing through the insubstantiality of all thought

thought all by itself is neither good nor bad; it's just not real

any attempt to live life through thought therefore is not real, is inherently divisive, and ultimately leads to suffering

living life through being love while only utilizing thought in its service is following the bliss of reality

in so doing, one doesn't do but is done