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w/love, the last sutra & final words of son rivers

consciousness unperceiving is the dreaming.

consciousnest is the new consciousness at rest, awareness, absolute.

conscioushood is the localized consciousness, burning from the body: the hood.

consciousness dreams but consciousness is not a dream.

consciousness at rest is not not consciousness.

duality appears in consciousness; consciousness is not duality.

consciousness is the rope. don't hang yourself with it; just see it's not a snake. that alone will (un)do.

stories like stories.

thoughts suck and words blow.

a bodhisattva knows there is no story but reads it anyways.

there are no accidents, just an unrevealed pattern. and i thank each and every one of them for helping to clarify it.

being is the beginning of nothing.

science says the world isn't really matter; truth knows the world really doesn't matter.

pay no attention to the what outside the curtain.

words: there are none; yet here, there are nine.

what does sanity look like to one insane?

human beings are hard-wired for illusion and thus insanity. but thank god for the loose wires.

resting in the counsciousnest of unthinkably unclouded unalloyed awareness.

practice is merely a reset button.

it's all one fantastical being emanating from the consciousnest.

being is my factory and breath is my boss.

in awareness nation.

it feels real but it's really not.

the ultimate practice: resting in the consciousnesting. voila! reset. i am that. dream on.

to awaken really is to rest.

spiritual indigestion often sends the seeker back to find an antacid in the affairs of the world, but it's really like taking drano to cure.

the world is a mad swirl of everything trying to be something in attempt to avoid nothing.

the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream and the only god is the god of melting.

in a nutshell, it's one tripartate: unmanifest, manifest, illusion.

deconstruct the illusion, be the manifest, and rest in the unmanifest which does all the rest.

unmanifest/manifest can be pointed to as awareness/consciousness or consciousnest/consciousness or that/this but it's two sides of one coin.

that/this and the mist of i-me-mine.

i am that/this.

if you meet the twitter-stream on the road, kill it.

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resting in the nesting

deep sleep is consciousness at rest,

that nest of pure awareness;

and this so-called life is but a dream

nestled in its seam of emptiness.


the hocus pocus sutra

once upon a time there was a story.

you're in the strange attractor zone.

mind is merely memory, and in its view, the present is just a projection of the past.

there never was a big bang; there is only hocus pocus.

when the character is not suffering, then the character is insufferable.

consciousness knows this play by heart.

this space-time continuum for rent.

once upon a time there was a universe that thought it was a worm.

the sun doesn't rise and no one awakens.

so here i am; rajas me.

thought thinks it's i, but i am; there is no therefore.

mind has a mind of its own.

truth is more interesting when it's not the truth.

you are the right to remain silent.

there's no figuring out not-two.

when i'm in the world, i'm lost; when the world's in me, i am.

i've accepted the satguru as my savior; others need not apply.

the dream state is the necessary crash; the waking is the inevitable undertow; you have always been the sea.

sooner or later you have to stop talking about it, reading about it, thinking about it, and experience it, feel it, be it, be...


the endless sutra

you are not reading this.

it makes more 'sense' to identify with what you are during deep sleep and see the waking process as a dream event 'solidifying' on yourself.

there is nobody but you, and you are nobody too.

"science" never ultimately knows; at best, it theorizes. and theory is just another name for pretending to know the unknown: just dreaming.

names really get in the way; what is your experience!

so the spiritual event known as 'awakening' is like returning and resting in the deep sleep (aka pure awareness) one really is.

another day being paradise within the fallen illusion of hell.

to be aware of being is bliss, and that is all. the rest is just something to do until one is aware there's nothing to do but be aware.

an actor attends acting school because he knows he is an actor; religions take note.

evolution appears to be that timeline from the big bang to self-realization but it is really now.

compassion is spoken before the person so it’s there after the person.

when one abides in consciousness, there are no institutions or personalities to rail against or oppose.

would it have made any difference if it had been a sermon in the hands of a happy god?

opposition IS maya.

the revelation that something is really nothing appears to the mind as evolution or design but that's just the mind's concept of nothing.

the person disappears as awareness of being in breath, the bermuda triangle of meditation.

mind unwittingly creates something out of nothing, and either calls the act, evolution, or the unwitting, god. but it's all an appearance.

there is no perspective.

when a desire is fulfilled, there is a temporary gap in the timeline of suffering: ride that tantric line to awareness; or wait for that next desire.

it appears fantastic but who would know.

emotion is consciousness/being/love filtered thru thought; when thought is clearly seen thru, what remains is awareness of satcitananda: a way.

who's not in a name.

absolutely nothing is—consciousness happens—the mind remembers to dream; consciousness makes the dream appear real but absolutely nothing is.

higher consciousness is just consciousness letting go the mind.

until it’s realized that all knowledge is meaningless, all practice is impractical, & all effort is ineffectual, the endless loop is endless.

feel your force; know your n/one; breathe your bliss. rinse and repeat.

you were told you're a person & have spent these many so-called years fleshing out that original concept. now find out what you really are.

one is the holy trinity: consciousness, not thought; being, not body, bliss, not emotion.

you remove the thorn with another thorn and then throw both thorns away; you do not worship the second thorn or continue to practice with it.


the roadrunner sutra

look! coyote artistry of the satguru.

when you know you don't know, you know all you can know.

everything happens in the blink of an eye.

practice is never perfect.

being is not a local phenomenon.

living is unthinkable!

love doesn't hurt, but it sure does feel the pain.

happily the happening happens to happen.

emotion equals thought times consciousness squared.

let it happen.

all answers are questionable, but no question is answerable.

can an alter ego be egoless?

names can never name the nameless.

people are so anthropomorphic.

still formless after all these years.

when i am eye, the world is something else.

render unto maya what is maya's.

the answer to all spiritual matters: cut taxes on the wealthy.

but sanity is spelled s-a-t-g-u-r-u.


the psycho killer sutra

a piece of driftwood pointing at the moon.

solve for who.

a little seed of consciousness makes the whole wide world go down.

light is always pulling itself back together.

the world will break your fucking heart if you only meet it halfway.

an emotion is the spasm of being caught on the hook of thought.

it's inevitable that a person takes things personally.

monkey mind monkey do.

personality IS disorder.

current events is just a euphemism for the latest insanity.

tradition is only as good as what it 'does' now.

all sutras are translations from the original silence.

all questions are ultimately naughty.

there is no argument at all.

everything melts on contact.

nothing happened and i'm psyched it did.


the quantum john l. dobson sutra

"The whole universe is not big enough for even one particle." ~Vivekananda

“Out of those things our bodies are made, and all of those things were made out of hydrogen by what we call transformational causation.”

“But the hydrogen does not arise by transformational causation. It cannot arise by transformational causation.”

“Hydrogen is made of energy, and energy cannot arise by the transformation of energy.”

“The kind of causation by which we see this thing is a causation by mistake…the kind of thing that you do when you mistake a rope for a snake.”

“Nothing happens to the rope.”

“The Gunas are about some entirely different kind of causation.”

the veiling power of tamas; the projecting power of rajas; the revealing power of sattva.

tamas: you fail to see the rope rightly.

rajas: you see the rope as something else.

sattva: you still saw the rope in the first place, but only have mistaken it for a snake.

“The first cause is apparitional. Nothing has happened. Nothing whatsoever.”

the five elements are actually five energies and are perceived through the five senses.

all five elements are the transformational causations arising from the primal apparitional causation: from brahman arises akasha.

the first element is akasha, sometimes translated as ether, is the gravitational energy of matter dispersed in space, perceived thru the ear.

the 2nd, vayu, usually trans. as air, is kinetic energy, as matter in space falls together by gravitation. perceived as temp thru skin.

3rd is tejas, trans. as fire, is radiation, as excess kinetic is lost to surrounding space. perceived thru the eye.

4th/5th, ap/prithivi, trans. as water/earth, are electricity and magnetism, twins, perceived thru tongue and nose.

“Gravity is the undividedness seen in the divided.”

“Inertia is the changelessness seen in the changing.”

“Electricity is the infinitude seen in the finite.”

“Everything in the universe runs toward the changeless, toward the infinite, toward the undivided. There are no other goals.”

“All actions are transformational in nature and they arise only within the domain of the apparition.”

“Through space and time it is not possible, by transformational causation, to reach that which is beyond space and time.”

“We got in by apparition, we’ll get out by undoing the apparition.”

“First is to discriminate between the rope and the snake. Second is to cease being snake fanciers.”


the playful sutra

the first haiku written on the moon pointed to you on the earth.

you are only part of the picture but the picture is wholly you.

oh bliss! consciousness is playing with itself.

every activity in this world is just a pastime.

it's as if a single play was taken hostage by each word and so became six billion separate works.

like a landlubber crying land ho!

evolution is just consciousness making it up as it goes.

when you play this sutra backwards, it says 'you are unborn.'


the happening sutra

welcome to the happening; sit back and enjoy; you never know.

there is no quiet mode.

the tremendous effort of no effort.

to the mind it appears to be a complete and paradoxical paradigm shift, but in truth it's as natural as a baby's deep sleep.

it took 14 billion years for the universe to know it took no time at all.

the mind wants to know but reality only loves.

'ordinary' is the latest extraordinary concept!

love makes the happening go fractal.

the known can only know the known, and not anything is truly ever known. but love is truly the unknown unknowing. unknow yourself today!

take your stand in happening: happenstance!


solve for who