son rivers (27-apr-2005 to 19-jun-2011)

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w/love, the last sutra & final words of son rivers

consciousness unperceiving is the dreaming.

consciousnest is the new consciousness at rest, awareness, absolute.

conscioushood is the localized consciousness, burning from the body: the hood.

consciousness dreams but consciousness is not a dream.

consciousness at rest is not not consciousness.

duality appears in consciousness; consciousness is not duality.

consciousness is the rope. don't hang yourself with it; just see it's not a snake. that alone will (un)do.

stories like stories.

thoughts suck and words blow.

a bodhisattva knows there is no story but reads it anyways.

there are no accidents, just an unrevealed pattern. and i thank each and every one of them for helping to clarify it.

being is the beginning of nothing.

science says the world isn't really matter; truth knows the world really doesn't matter.

pay no attention to the what outside the curtain.

words: there are none; yet here, there are nine.

what does sanity look like to one insane?

human beings are hard-wired for illusion and thus insanity. but thank god for the loose wires.

resting in the counsciousnest of unthinkably unclouded unalloyed awareness.

practice is merely a reset button.

it's all one fantastical being emanating from the consciousnest.

being is my factory and breath is my boss.

in awareness nation.

it feels real but it's really not.

the ultimate practice: resting in the consciousnesting. voila! reset. i am that. dream on.

to awaken really is to rest.

spiritual indigestion often sends the seeker back to find an antacid in the affairs of the world, but it's really like taking drano to cure.

the world is a mad swirl of everything trying to be something in attempt to avoid nothing.

the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream and the only god is the god of melting.

in a nutshell, it's one tripartate: unmanifest, manifest, illusion.

deconstruct the illusion, be the manifest, and rest in the unmanifest which does all the rest.

unmanifest/manifest can be pointed to as awareness/consciousness or consciousnest/consciousness or that/this but it's two sides of one coin.

that/this and the mist of i-me-mine.

i am that/this.

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