three by three

is the alphabet an omega of noise?

one word: no words.

i am that i am toot-toot.

like your story; don't be your story.

nothing is solid; tricks are for kids.

adhere to a consciousness diet and be thinner than himalayan air.

string theory says there's something like eleven dimensions; thought has three. no wonder it's all a wonder.

it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that no thing.

begin at the beginning and be.



if everything is conceptual, then the concept of the conceptual loses all distinction, disappearing into is.

run silent.

the simple human blessing is that natural ability to be aware of being; it's everything, although most pay it little to no attention.

wholly holy holey.

i shall be wholly devoted with all my body and all my mind to the knowledge that i am not my body and i am not my mind.

be let be.

deconstruct consensual reality and rest in its afterglow of being.



a touching genesis story

the most wondrous director, consciousness,
films its movie in what appears to be a physical 3D:
truly the highest hi-tech.

the body is a big-bang node of consciousness
and the experiential fact called a sense of touch
is nothing but its tender exit wound.

untold dimensions:
the body is a node of consciousness
in a field of consciousness
created by consciousness
for the joy of consciousness.

that exit wound through which consciousness
tears through consciousness,
forms the original vision of a subject
in a separate world.

the evolution of corresponding senses
motor skills,and a central nervous system
merely brings the original vision to the big screen.

coming to a mind near you,
the film that is the inspiration for six billion dreams:
see it with a significant other.



nonconceptual now

and on what appears to be the 5,000,000,000,000th day of its creation, god continues to destroy it with one nonconceptual now!

who are you on the eighth day of the week?

be like a tree and silently bark.


thirsty words

the original sin is

original thought

and its underlying

origin is

effortless love


everything in

this storied world

is an extraordinary

concept except

that untold

ordinary existence.

space is all

there is;

love fills

all that space.

religion is

a thirsty word.

truth is dry.



out of real deep sleep wakes that one big bang and dreams what seems so real.

unmanifest—manifest, unmanifest—manifest, unmanifest—manifest; that—i am, that—i am, that—i am.

float as pure awareness—sting as being/love.

when the truck of mind hits the body of mind, an explosion of mind occurs.

even christ cried out when the mind exploded on the cross.

when the heart 'breaks,' the mind explodes, and hurts until remembering one is not the mind but really the heart, and the heart never breaks.

unwittingly, the scientific mind only experiments on itself.

smile—the natural expression of a face; face—expression of mind; mind—expression of consciousness; consciousness—expression of the absolute.

smile! it's a natural expression of the absolute.


the big sleep

Spiritually speaking, sleep is not what you think it is. In fact, like most things spiritual, it’s the opposite of what you think it is.

Sleep is not some pit stop to recharge your daytime engines. At least not in the way most think.

Deep sleep is actually a state much like the absolute when seen from the perspective of deep sleep, which means from the perspective of a non-state.

From that non-state of deep sleep, reality begins to descend toward the conceptual state we call the waking state, but which is actually the real sleeping state.

When the absolute recognizes itself, consciousness is born. In a similar vein, when deep sleep emerges from itself, a state of awareness, an awareness of awareness, is entered.

When consciousness recognizes itself, thought forms, appearances, are born. In a similar vein, when that early awareness emerges from itself, a state of dreams is entered.

When the state of appearances recognize itself, the manifest world is born. In a similar vein, when that state of dreams emerges from itself, the so-called waking state, that of the mind as we know it, is entered.

Reversing this order is the real awakening. When mind knows itself, understands its conceptual actuality, mind dissolves into a dream-like quality of appearances, which when in turn is understood, dissolves into the natural state of consciousness.

When consciousness, in turn, knows itself, understands itself, it dissolves into the pure awareness of the absolute.

In this way it is seen that non-state deep sleep, the absolute, is what I am and falling asleep is actually a return to source. And in waking from deep sleep, if the process is given experiential attention, and not just conceptual consideration, one can experience and understand manifestation, consciousness, and truly waken.

different deity-folks

the devil creates and god destroys: two names for one consciousness.

Has anyone supposed it lucky to be born? / I hasten to inform him or her it is just as lucky to die, and I know it. ~Walt Whitman.

brahma, vishnu, shiva : lucifer creates, i maintain, god destroys : different strokes for different deity-folks : one consciousness : aum.


this consciousness

we are the all-consuming fire of consciousness that gets lost in the flicker of our thoughts.

this consciousness requires the foodstuff of sunlight to exist; that energy is outside in the world; that world appears inside consciousness.

all is light/energy; light/energy is consciousness; consciousness is all. rinse your thoughts and repeat.


tweedlethis tweedlethat

there is no one to understand; you are the understanding.

square thought, round reality.

you can’t change change.

there is no be line.

you can’t be the change but you can be the be in be the change because you are already.

one word is just as meaningless as ten thousand words.

thirteen billion years of changing and they put me on another shift.

positive and negative feed on each other like a perpetual ouroboric machine.

unraveling the ball of yarn discovers there is no ball but just a collection of yarns.

monkey doesn't see, monkey do; love see, love doesn't do.

positive vibes spawn negative troughs.

life is oscillation.

even experience is ultimately a concept.

unknow the known and know the unknown.