to be is seen to be

in time
it appears to be nothing
because the something it seemed
to be is seen to be
not anything
at all.

in truth
the stance will turn
to where it's always stood
and that nothing it appears
to be is seen to be
one ever-loving
in all.


three dimensions of nothing to do

in Truth, there are three dimensions to the fact that there’s nothing to do.

there is nothing you can do to reach the absolute reality; it is beyond all perception, thought, and experience of doing. it reaches you.

there is nothing you can do to reach the intermediary between ‘you’ and reality, because you already are that intermediary: ‘i am’. just be.

what you do do, on the other hand, can hinder: indulging desire, fear, emotions, thought, etc. therefore, do as little as you need to do.

the double-secret 4th dimension is there is no doer; you’re being done. but not doing on purpose is a doing! so, do as little; be as much.


angels of 'i am'


answers are fascist; questions are revolutionary.

you haven't seen nothing until you question everything

there's no question that a question isn't something of this world.

questions are the angelic intermediaries between something and nothing.

it’s not the murk; it’s the cloud! self-inquiry is our sun dance.

like alice, if one is to begin at the beginning, the first question is: who am i?


going inside to look for those messages from our sponsors.

esoteric is still exoteric, but selectively so.

rethink? unthink? dethink? athink!

to be sane is to be insane; be outsane and be!

live by the mind, die by the mind; live by the heart, live by the heart.


life knows!

lost in concepts: thinking about life will never get it.

here and now newborns know but are taught to forget by remembering then and there.

knowledge doesn't know.

the angels of 'i am' are singing in your heart right now; listen!


all window

the world is nothing but definitions.

reality is all window and no pane.

science is well-written fiction.

time is really not of the essence.

everything in the world is actually the past.

you haven't happened yet, nor will you.


one flash of love

there is no violence & suffering
except in thinking there is,
because thought is the essence of violence & suffering:
divisive & impermanent.

there’s no way of the world
that’s not in the end violence & suffering
for the world’s a creation of thought
which is divisive & impermanent.

any middle way may see suffering for what it is,
but any middle way will ultimately be violent,
and induce such suffering as well.

there then is only one way,
and that is the no way
through the doorway of love
in seeing we are being
nondual pure awareness.

no agendas, no leaders, no nothing,
but that love.

one flash of love is
worth more than thirteen-plus billion years of thinking;

one flash of love is
worth more than all the financial security
or insurance you can purchase in a lifetime;

one flash of love is
neither more nor less;
it's all;

one flash of love is
the real big bang;

one flash of love is
penniless, homeless,
and full of bliss, amen!

one flash of love considers
the lilies of the field
and not a field of occupation;

there is no mind in one flash of love:
no fear, no anger, no sorrow;

in one flash of love is
the momentary death of everything
and the timeless birth of nothing;

one flash of love incinerates
the gurus, lamas, patriarchs, and priests,
leaving what is real to void their space;

fear can temporarily darken one flash of love,
but one flash of love will absolutely eliminate all fear.

so much depends on one's point of viewing—

don't just see, but be
the flash of love.


introduce yourself

i'm just talking to myself. smile if you hear me.

hey! here i am!

before you die, why not introduce yourself?

it's eleven o'clock, do you know who you are?

if the everyday doesn’t get you,
maybe the supernatural will.

if your language doesn’t get you,
maybe another language will.

if your old god wasn’t working for you,
maybe a new god will.

find out who you think you are in any given moment

& understand you're not and it isn't,

but what you really are is being unthinkably right now.



our individuality is always sourced
in another individual.

in other words, there is no individuality
except the individuality of the indivisible.

thus thought is openly promiscuous.

not a single thought is in itself original;
so where did that thought come from?

it’s not where the thought originates;
it’s where the thought becomes an actual experience.

you can fool yourself some of the time,
& you can fool some of yourself all of the time,
but you can’t fool all of yourself all of the time.

when you realize there’s no fooling, stop!
don’t let an opportunity like that just get away.
there you really are.

no fooling!


no good

          is good;

knowing you think
          is better;

understanding nothing is what you think
          is best;

seeing there is no good, better or best:


shimmering four

silence is sizzling.

darkness is shimmering.

a nonoccurrence is becoming.

the immaterial is materializing.

this nonentity is identified.

that unspeakable is named.

it is you me them us.

what is god.


the curtain is a curtain (poem)

you can’t unlearn

the things you’ve learned but you

can learn the things you’ve learnt

aren’t really true.

the curtain is

a curtain still, yet now

you know it’s just an act

your mind can do.

releasing the curtain

will reveal—no curtain!

that’s enough to let

the light shine through.

the light reveals

this loving truth—i am

the light! there really isn’t

any you.


the somethingness of nothingness

you really can’t be in the world but not of the world,
because you are the world.
you can think you’re in the world
and you can think you’re not of the world,
but then you’re only what you think.
but what you think is not the real world.

for this moment, set aside all the wonderful
or ironic things you believe the real world to be,
for the real world is not any thing.
wonder is an educational experience,
but irony may be the most ignorant state of all.

irony is the atheism of paradox.
nothing is actually ironic;
it’s just the mind’s inability to answer its own ultimate questions
that makes it seem so. to answer is irony;
to accept there’s no answer is paradox.

irony says white is the new black;
paradox says white is black,
truth says there is no white and there is no black!
what am i to buy?

it’s ironic that we easily accept the scientific view
of a quantum universe;
it’s paradoxical that we really don’t.
yet, for the most part, we understand the world of matter
is some atomic illusion,
but we find it difficult to know the same about ourselves.

gotama saw the impermanence of somethingness;
nagarjuna saw the emptiness of impermanence;
shankara saw the nothingness of emptiness.
are we still to discover the somethingness of nothingness?


so the sun

we not only depend

on everything for living

from the sun, so the sun

is absolutely not only

our manifested god,

we are in truth the sun!

i see the sun,

i hear the sun,

i feel the sun,

i breathe the sun,

i eat the sun,

i am the sun!

there is no space between

the sun and myself except

the space that i create—

i am burning in

my own amazing blazing

bliss of pure awareness!


one word left unsaid

space is the stuff of illusion.

evolution is the latest greatest myth,

like saying the summit is something separate

in this moment from the mountain.

the world is a circular expression of division

and violence is its inevitable quotient;

it doesn’t matter what you or i think.

please excuse all the power politics,

betrayal, violence, and total war;

it's been a big misunderstanding. love!

it's not that the world changes;

the world IS change.

only the mind attempts to make the world,

including its thought of itself,


that which lives by thinking this

which changes is permanent dies

when that which is thought

permanent inevitably changes.

it's not that we the people are out of our minds;

it's just we're too much in our minds.

if you think you know the meaning of life,

you really don't.

all i can really say about that is silence.

but silence says a lot more when you listen.

one word left unsaid is more.

it is what it is,

and is is all there is:

pretty amazing!


a reminder

i'm looking for a teacher who doesn't want to teach;

inquire within.

have you ever noticed

the world doesn’t make sense

because the senses make the world?

it’s not that certain substances are addictive;

substance itself is addictive, man.

give me another shot of something!

sometimes you think you're you

and sometimes you know you're not.

don’t worry; the white elephant in the room

is just the fact there is no room.

you’ve forgotten you are the universe;

any sign is just a reminder.


shimmering three

awareness is reflecting

in this entity

of space and time

like sunshine is reflecting

on this shimmering

of body-mind

like tens of trillion nuclear

explosions are enjoying

all this rhythm rhyme.



the senses don't locate the body in a universe of space;

the senses actually create the universe of space.

here & now isn't this place & moment;

it's no place & no moment,

that which is before sense-created space

& thought(memory)-created time.

the senses create the body in space

and thought creates the mind in time.

here and now there is no body and there is no mind.

you cannot reach here and now;

here and now reaches you.

here and now reaches you through being, intuition, and love.

'i am' is the way of being;

'who am i' is the way of intuition;

and 'i accept' is the way of love

to not accept what i am

is the beginning of all ignorance & fear

and desire & suffering.

the senses, including thought, were made for survival,

but thought, by following love,

has found its way to intuition—

i got it now.


known through

there's something

in the woods

that's not a thought

and only known

through intuition—

yet known as not

a thing at all,

but what in that

i am


doubly nonexistent

holding on to who we think we are is the hardest work we ever do; almost everything we do in fact is in service of that chore.

letting go of who we think we are is therefore letting go of almost everything we think we do.

it appears that the nonexistent self is therefore doubly nonexistent.

scientific materialists are so immaterially unscientific.

it's all -ing.

if every word spoken didn’t take the world for granted, would there be a world to which any word could speak?

conditioned consciousness is most insufferable.

this is the best collective dream we could come up with. really?

i'm calling a do over.


shimmering two

before the beginning,

the timeless is shimmering

i am,

with six senses creating

time and


and here

this universe and now

its beginning...


your dreamer

consciousness is a pre-existing condition.

intelligence first manifests as love, then becomes memory where it moves as thought; thought is therefore leftover love in slow decay.

you can't think intelligence.

if none of this was here, where would you be?

you are not reading this.

take me to your dreamer.

i’m thinking i won’t be thinking about thinking any more; what do you think?

the world is anything you say it is, but reality is not anything you can say.

when love is the underlying music of your life, the mind can follow with its lyrics.



there is a shimmering

and the shimmering holds itself,

divides itself,

names the parts,

identifies with some,

and wars with the rest,

yet loves!

for there is a shimmering...

Psychological Analysis of Buddha’s Enlightenment

from H. W. Schumann “The Historical Buddha” (emphases mine)

As an event which originated a new school of thinking and a new religion, the enlightenment of the Buddha deserves psychological analysis. Under the influence of Zen Buddhism modern writers have -- wrongly -- described this enlightenment as like a lightning-flash. From Gotama's account... we learn that the enlightenment was spread over three night-watches (about nine hours), and was a gradual process. This agrees with his statement that in his doctrine progress is gradual and there is no sudden, spontaneous understanding (anna), just as the seashore does not lead abruptly into deep water, but slopes away gradually. In addition, the process of enlightenment was guided by reason, as appears clearly from the words, three times repeated: "I directed my mind to the understanding of. . ." We must therefore picture Gotama's enlightenment as a happy condition, lasting several hours, of extreme mental clarity, which activated all the intellectual abilities and focused them, like a burning glass, on one point at a time. There was nothing ecstatic about this bodhi, it was not an out-of-body state or a trance.

Nor was Gotama's search at this point a blind fumbling in the dark. He knew precisely on which objects to direct his attention. Since he had been familiar with Upanishadic ideas of rebirth from his stay with Uddaka, he was able to direct his mind to the profounder penetration of this theme. The same applies to the system of four truths, which he will have known from the well-developed medical theory which already existed in the India of the sixth century BC. According to this, one asked first about the disease, then about its cause, then about the possibility of annihilating that cause, and finally about the medicine. Gotama's enlightenment consisted largely in the analytical understanding of pre-existing thought.

But it went further, because it was also synthetic, i.e. an understanding which opened up new areas of knowledge. The "aha" experience of analytical penetration was accompanied by the "oh" experience of joyous creative intuition, in which accepted opinions and fresh insights combined in Gotama's mind like crystals to form a new truth and doctrine (dhamma). In the glorious clarity of bodhi a new system of thought was formed out of elements old and new, which explained the world "as it is" (yathabhutam), pointed out a way from suffering to deliverance, and finally transcended all previous insights into one all-comprising truth. It is just this overriding element of illumination which points to beyond the visible and gives the Buddha's teaching that magical fascination that still moves mankind and leads people towards the good. There is no contradiction between Gotama's statement on the one hand that his doctrine is like an old, overgrown path that he has rediscovered, leading through the jungle to a forgotten city, and his insistence elsewhere that it is something new, "never heard before".

We must distinguish the rational element of the enlightenment, which forms the content of the doctrine (dhamma) from its psychological effect on himself. It has always been a basic conviction of Indian religions that knowledge, understanding or wisdom could remove the factors that bind us to suffering and rebirth. The Buddha, too, never doubted this. How did he justify breaking off his ascetic practices? Because, he says, they do not lead to "that wisdom which, when one has it. . . leads the practitioner to the total destruction of suffering). Lack of knowledge (avijja) binds us to the cycle of rebirths, while understanding (nana), knowledge (vijja) or wisdom (panna) liberate us from it: They are the means of emancipation. And therefore it was clear to the Buddha that his enlightenment had definitely freed him of the burden of rebirth and delivered him: "There will be no more re-becoming (for me)!" was his cry after attaining Buddhahood.


great synchronicity

lately i've been lovingly haunted

by a great synchronicity

of course the secret

behind synchronicity is

there's nothing to be synchronized:

not two!

synchronicity is the timeless

visiting the world of time

like a partly cloudy day

in monument valley:

many rays; one sun

to the mind,

paradox appears ridiculous;

to consciousness,

it's just another day in the timeless


another true believer

you're gonna have to serve somebody ~bob dylan

ah, the fresh incense of fallen leaves.

God is only real when you don't believe.

a self-proclaimed atheist! just another true believer.

atheism is just another religion. but instead of worshipping the god of gods, it worships the god of no god.

ah, but to worship the no god of nothing. now that would be something!

as long as you think you're a person, you have to worship some god.

maybe an agnostic worships whatever.

or to worship 'i am' until that god disappears and then you're left with nothing.

the self being empty must knowingly or unknowingly fill it (unwillingly) with something (aka some god) seen as outside itself.


an infinite succession

right now has left now.

why not enjoy the world? after all it is completely my creation.

but why obsess on any single aspect of the world; that's like cutting off your face to delight in the sight of your nose.

there's no need to catch the bus of bliss; there's another one coming now!

understand that bliss is the energy released when the consciousness that i am creates any aspect of the world within that consciousness i am.

love involves the great return of energetic bliss when, after a momentary self-forgetting, consciousness accepts itself within its own world.


in the world of zeno's paradox, only the mind can take that last step and it takes it in an infinite succession. it's what we call the world.

logic can only go so far; the mind fills in the gap.

there's nothing to be known

nothing known there is to be

to be known--nothing there


the amplifier is not the song.

the truth sings in silent acapella.

thought is original technology

space is my original face

love is our original voice.

to deny duality is duality

repetition is a fetish

affirmation is denial

being is