the endless sutra

you are not reading this.

it makes more 'sense' to identify with what you are during deep sleep and see the waking process as a dream event 'solidifying' on yourself.

there is nobody but you, and you are nobody too.

"science" never ultimately knows; at best, it theorizes. and theory is just another name for pretending to know the unknown: just dreaming.

names really get in the way; what is your experience!

so the spiritual event known as 'awakening' is like returning and resting in the deep sleep (aka pure awareness) one really is.

another day being paradise within the fallen illusion of hell.

to be aware of being is bliss, and that is all. the rest is just something to do until one is aware there's nothing to do but be aware.

an actor attends acting school because he knows he is an actor; religions take note.

evolution appears to be that timeline from the big bang to self-realization but it is really now.

compassion is spoken before the person so it’s there after the person.

when one abides in consciousness, there are no institutions or personalities to rail against or oppose.

would it have made any difference if it had been a sermon in the hands of a happy god?

opposition IS maya.

the revelation that something is really nothing appears to the mind as evolution or design but that's just the mind's concept of nothing.

the person disappears as awareness of being in breath, the bermuda triangle of meditation.

mind unwittingly creates something out of nothing, and either calls the act, evolution, or the unwitting, god. but it's all an appearance.

there is no perspective.

when a desire is fulfilled, there is a temporary gap in the timeline of suffering: ride that tantric line to awareness; or wait for that next desire.

it appears fantastic but who would know.

emotion is consciousness/being/love filtered thru thought; when thought is clearly seen thru, what remains is awareness of satcitananda: a way.

who's not in a name.

absolutely nothing is—consciousness happens—the mind remembers to dream; consciousness makes the dream appear real but absolutely nothing is.

higher consciousness is just consciousness letting go the mind.

until it’s realized that all knowledge is meaningless, all practice is impractical, & all effort is ineffectual, the endless loop is endless.

feel your force; know your n/one; breathe your bliss. rinse and repeat.

you were told you're a person & have spent these many so-called years fleshing out that original concept. now find out what you really are.

one is the holy trinity: consciousness, not thought; being, not body, bliss, not emotion.

you remove the thorn with another thorn and then throw both thorns away; you do not worship the second thorn or continue to practice with it.

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