the hocus pocus sutra

once upon a time there was a story.

you're in the strange attractor zone.

mind is merely memory, and in its view, the present is just a projection of the past.

there never was a big bang; there is only hocus pocus.

when the character is not suffering, then the character is insufferable.

consciousness knows this play by heart.

this space-time continuum for rent.

once upon a time there was a universe that thought it was a worm.

the sun doesn't rise and no one awakens.

so here i am; rajas me.

thought thinks it's i, but i am; there is no therefore.

mind has a mind of its own.

truth is more interesting when it's not the truth.

you are the right to remain silent.

there's no figuring out not-two.

when i'm in the world, i'm lost; when the world's in me, i am.

i've accepted the satguru as my savior; others need not apply.

the dream state is the necessary crash; the waking is the inevitable undertow; you have always been the sea.

sooner or later you have to stop talking about it, reading about it, thinking about it, and experience it, feel it, be it, be...

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