the roadrunner sutra

look! coyote artistry of the satguru.

when you know you don't know, you know all you can know.

everything happens in the blink of an eye.

practice is never perfect.

being is not a local phenomenon.

living is unthinkable!

love doesn't hurt, but it sure does feel the pain.

happily the happening happens to happen.

emotion equals thought times consciousness squared.

let it happen.

all answers are questionable, but no question is answerable.

can an alter ego be egoless?

names can never name the nameless.

people are so anthropomorphic.

still formless after all these years.

when i am eye, the world is something else.

render unto maya what is maya's.

the answer to all spiritual matters: cut taxes on the wealthy.

but sanity is spelled s-a-t-g-u-r-u.

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